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Commercial Kitchen Rental Portable has been a top provider of portable kitchen trailers for the past ten years. We are able to provide our services nationwide and in some parts of Canada. We have mobile kitchens stored in over 300 cities throughout the US and each can meet all of your commercial kitchen needs, such as large food production and long or short-term projects. All of our Kitchens are designed to meet health code requirements in all 50 states and in Canada.

Our  portable kitchen trailer has modern commercial appliances and can be customized to fit all of your food-service needs. We offer trailers with cook lines powered by your choice of propane, natural gas, or electricity. Our well-ventilated trailers also have the ability to adapt to any climate. With ingress and egress designed units we can attach multiple trailers together for large food production services. Our ADA compliant ramps and NSF and OSHA approved trailers comply with all Health Department guidelines throughout the United States. Trained representatives are available for site visits, project planning, and to answer any other questions or concerns you may have.We work closely with contractors, schools, assisted living homes and hospitals staff in customizing a portable kitchen trailer that fits their needs and will keep them up and running during renovations.


Our knowledgeable and helpful sales staff are available 24 hours a day and would be more than happy to provide you with information regarding our portable kitchen trailer rentals and answer and answer any of your questions regarding short term and long term projects.

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